3. Possible applications

Aside from having academic values in quantum physics fields due to their twisted geometry, our topological matters are invested with possible applications from their micro-scale size, conductive nature, and the shape of a closed loops.

Some matters with the shape of a cylinder, which we believe to have a coiled structure, may serve as a magnetic solenoids for a micro-scale usage that are densely coiled to induce high magnetic fields. Also one can design a high-voltage micro-battery of the topological matters by intercalation of metallic atoms into NbSe3 layers.

There can be some applications for electronics as well. For instance, by cutting a twisted loop in the circumferential direction, one can obtain a flexible, chain-like linked loops that have inductive coupling to each other. It may come handy as a component of a micro-detector.

Additionally, educational values of the mattres easily come into our mind, for visualizing a topological concept that a twist-free ribbon embedded on a spherical surface makes a total group of twisted, entangled "ribbon-knots".