Past events

Apr. 4, 2006

The first group meeting in the new semester was held.

2003 Novenber

Dr.Nishida has joined our group.

2003 June

A concentrated seminar on mesoscopic Superconduct and CDW was given by Professer Hayashi.
First day
Second day
Third day
Fourth day
Fifth day
Sixth day(on his Theme)

2003 July

Professer Hatakenaka (Hiroshima college) visits here.

2003 May

First barbecue in this year. Let's drink and be mad!

2003 April

Three undergraduate students (Mr Suzuki, Mr Watanabe and Mr Nobukane) have joined our group.

2002 November

Prof Yamaya's 60th birthday was celebrated by his disciples and colleagues.

A special seminar on Andreev refections was given by Prof Asano,Hokkaido University

2002 October

A special seminar on Magnetic induced superconductivity was given by Prof Uji, NIMS.

2002 August

Some members attended the 23rd international conference on low temperature physics.

2002 June

Dr Mayama, Hiroyuki, Kyoto Univeristy, visited us for collaboration.

2002 May

The article on Mobius crystals have finally appeared on Nature.

2002 April

Two undergraduate students (Mr Yomo and Mr Shimatake) have joined our group.