Flowchart of our typical experiment

  In this page, we introduce our experiment and equipments.


Inorganic and organic crystals and thin-film makers Microscopes
Electric furnace
(for growth of MX2,MX3 single crsytals)
Furnace for MX3-MX2 conversion
Organic crystal synthesizaers
Resistance heating
Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
DC and RF spatters
・Optical microscopes
Scanning electron microscopes (SEM)
   (JEOL JSM-7000F,SE-820,JSM-5200)
Transmission electron microscope (TEM) (JEOL JEM-2000FX)
Atomic-force microscope(AFM)
(SII SPI-3700)
Scanning tunneling microscope(STM)
          (JEOL JSPM-5200)
Micro-fabrication machines Analysis systems
Electron-beam lithography
Focused ion beam (FIB) (JEOLJEM-9310FIB)
Reactive ion ecthing (RIE)
Energy disparsion X-ray spectroscope
Electron diffraction
Electron backscattering diffraction
Cryostats Electron transport measurement systems
Dilution cryostat(Oxford, Kelvinox)
    + Superconducting magnet (8T)
3He cryostat(Oxford, Heliox)
    + Superconducting magnet (6T)
3He cryostat(handmade)
4He cryostat(handmade)
 + Superconducting magnet (4T), weak field
Liquid nitrogen cryostat
(For CDW materials)
Transient responce measurement
Little-Parks oscillation measurement
AB effect measurement
CDW Shapiro step measurement
・Superconductivity gap measurement
・Small specific-heat measurement